Transportation Applications for Plastic Thermoformed Parts

Pressure formed truck interior parts: steering column covers, door panel, overhead assembly and dashboardPlastics thermoforming is widely utilized for in mass transit bus, truck, and passenger railcar interior trim plastic components because of its lightweight and cost effectiveness for large and multi-part applications. Productive Plastics is a leading manufacturer of thermoformed plastics for many transportation industry applications, including:

  • door panels
  • wall panels
  • ceiling panels
  • dashboard surrounds
  • window masks or window shrouds
  • seatback assemblies
  • armrests
  • bulkhead components
  • luggage racks
  • display housings

Benefits of Thermoforming for Transportation

Thermoforming allows a broad use of thermoplastics that meet the varying specifications of many transportation applications. For example:

  • Coach and city buses in the United States must meet the US Department of Transportation Docket 90 – a safety specification for flame spread and smoke emissions
  • Truck interiors are required to meet MVSS-302 (Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302 fire test) requirements for interior trim parts
  • Passenger rail cars need to adhere to stringent requirements for smoke, flame and toxicity emissions

Productive Plastics has been producing components for all three market segments for over 30 years.

Additional benefits to using plastics thermoforming in transportation applications are:

  • Lightweight material options (on average 30% lighter than fiberglass parts)
  • Rapid large part prototyping – parts up to 108″ x 84″ in as little as 3-4 weeks
  • Low cost tooling for multi-part applications, with savings of up to 75% over injection mold tooling
  • Reduced design to market lead times
  • Molded in color and textures
  • Ability to mold complex shapes
  • Graffiti, Chemical and

    Stain Resistant materials

Pressure formed interior door panel

Thermoformed Parts Used in Transportation

Typical applications for interior transportation components:

  • Door panels
  • Dashboard surrounds
  • HVAC ducting systems
  • Rail car window masks
  • Rail car luggage racks
  • Rail car seat backs and food trays

Typical applications for exterior transportation components:

  • Front bumper fascias
  • Side fairings
  • Hoods
  • Fender wells
  • Bumper end caps
  • Running boards
  • Rear panels

Vacuum formed passenger rail car seat back

Case Study – Specialty Vocational Vehicle Cab Interiors

View this case study on the work Productive Plastics did on cab interiors for specialty vocational vehicles.


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