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Custom Plastic Thermoforming with Productive Plastics

Every project or application has different requirements, goals, and challenges. Productive Plastics is more than just a plastic thermoforming manufacturer. We strive to be a trusted advisor throughout the entire product development process. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible thermoforming solution tailored to the needs of your unique product. Please provide us with some details about your unique project and our team will get started on providing you with solutions.

65+ Years Manufacturing Expertise

Productive Plastics,ISO 9001:2015 certified, has been manufacturing custom thermoformed components since 1955. Constantly evolving and perfecting our vacuum and pressure forming manufacturing systems to maximize the advantages of plastic thermoforming and minimize the cost and production time for your project.

Dedicated Engineering and Design Support

Our highly skilled engineers will work with your team to develop the right design for thermoforming, construct precise tooling, and select the ideal thermoplastic material that meets the unique needs for your product and industry.

Painting and Assembly Services

Our in-house painting and assembly operation can apply custom color finishes, high gloss coatings, bonded attachment hardware, custom electronics, and other value added secondary features.