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Custom plastic parts - Beverage dispensing equipment, multi part application, vacuum formedAs a leading thermoformed plastics manufacturer, Productive Plastics makes custom specialty plastic parts and components for many different industries. There are many applications and products where the use of thermoformed parts is economical and efficient. Any large plastic part in moderate quantities that does not require high structural integrity is a good candidate for plastic thermoforming. Items such as covers and enclosures for mechanical equipment or electronics are usually thermoformed parts.

Specialty Plastics Examples

Here are some examples of plastic thermoformed parts that Productive Plastics has manufactured:

  • Beverage dispensers
  • Fitness equipment
  • Food service equipment
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Bowling equipment
  • Electronic equipment enclosures
  • Covers for mechanical equipment
  • Custom plastic thermoformed parts and components

Advantages to Using Thermoforming for Specialty Plastics

Thermoforming is very often the best choice for manufacturing these plastic enclosures and covers. Production quantities of 500 to 3000 are the optimal range for thermoforming.Food service cart, vacuum formed components with value added assembly

Other considerations include product design, development and tooling. Enclosures and covers are often designed late in the product development cycle, making it critical to get the design right and the plastic parts done quickly and well. Also, there may design changes that require a few components to be re-designed, so the less expensive tooling costs for thermoforming fit well in this circumstance.

In summary, thermoforming is well suited for making specialty plastic components because of:

  • Lower tooling costs compared to other plastic manufacturing processes
  • Quick time to market
  • In the optimal quantity range (500-3000)
  • Designs can be updated faster and at lower cost
  • Multiple components that can be easily assembled

Case Study – Caddy Corporation

Caddy Corporation manufactures a complete line of food service equipment including tray delivery trucks/carts. Productive Plastics manufactured the panels for the tray delivery trucks and worked with Caddy to reduce raw material costs and finished goods inventory.

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