Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering to Transform Products to Thermoformed Plastic

Plastics design engineersProductive Plastics offers plastics reverse engineering services to transform components made from other materials, such as metal and fiberglass, into thermoformed plastic parts. Typically these are medium to large components, such as vehicle parts, that can be made lighter and/or more cost effective with a thermoformed part.

Reverse Engineering Process

With its extensive plastics engineering expertise, Productive Plastics can assist with converting existing components. Typically Productive Plastics would work closely with customers to:

  • Review the existing part for form, fit and function
  • Help you to formulate the design concept in plastic
  • Help you to create electronic CAD files of the plastic part
  • Complete the process by manufacturing the new part with plastic thermoforming

Benefits of Using Productive Plastics’ Reverse Engineering / Product Transformation Services

Re-making a component in thermoformed plastics may offer benefits such as:

  • Less weight and all its accompanying benefits, such as lower fuel consumption and less structural stress
  • Lower manufacturing cost
  • Higher strength-to-weight ratio
  • More flexibility in product design

Plastics Reverse Engineering / Product Transformation Services

Productive Plastics’ plastics engineers provide the following services:

  • Reverse engineering to transform parts to thermoformed plastic
  • 3D CAD modeling using SolidWorks software
  • Tool design
  • CNC programming using MasterCAM software
  • Plastics engineering for thermoforming
  • Plastics design for manufacturability (DFM)

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