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Plastic Thermoforming

Process Selection & Conversion Guide

Request Metal to Plastic Thermoforming Comparison and Conversion Guide

Download Productive Plastics Metal vs Plastic Thermoforming Comparison and Conversion Guide

Compare Metal and Plastic Thermoforming Processes, Review Data on Part Weight and Production Time Differences, Get Tips on Converting from Metal to Thermoforming, and more.

Productive Plastics offers for free immediate download its Metal to Plastic Thermoforming Comparison and Conversion Guide. This guide was developed to provide manufacturing process comparisons between metal and thermoforming, along with tips on how to convert from metal to plastic thermoforming – information that is valuable to manufacturing decision makers, design engineers and every member of an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) project team.

Here are some topics covered in this thermoforming design guide:

  • Metal and Plastic Thermoforming Process Overviews
  • Process Comparisons
  • Material Weight Comparisons
  • Material Performance and Other Considerations
  • Upgrading Your Application to Plastic Thermoforming

Please fill out the form below to instantly receive a PDF copy of Productive Plastics' Metal to Plastic Thermoforming Comparison and Conversion Guide.

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Terminology Note

Productive Plastics and the plastics industry typically use the terms "vacuum forming" and "vacuum thermoforming" interchangeably. Misspellings include "vacuumforming" and "vacuumthermoforming".

Looking for more technical information?

Download the Thermoforming Design Guide, Process Comparisons, Conversion Guides, and other useful thermoforming information from our technical resource library.

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