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Medical Devices and Medical Diagnostics

Plastic Thermoforming for Medical Diagnostics Equipment, Medical Devices

Plastic Thermoforming (Pressure and vacuum forming) has become the plastic production process of choice for many manufacturers of medical devices and medical diagnostics equipment. Plastic thermoformed parts are used as enclosures, housings, gantries, or covers for the mechanical or electronic components in medical device and diagnostic equipment and offer an unparalleled range of design and material options that will make a medical device stand out, not just aesthetically and in material performance, but in cost effectiveness as well.

Common Applications & Medical Device Components

Heavy gauge plastic thermoforming - multi part medical device enclosure

Plastic thermoformed medical device components are ideal for a
wide variety of industry applications and Productive Plastics currently supplies component parts for leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of medical devices and diagnostics equipment such as:

  • Device enclosures and gantries
    • CT scanners
    • MRI diagnostic equipment
    • PET scanners
    • X-ray imaging
    • Ultrasound imaging
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Patient bed components
  • Monitoring equipment enclosures
  • Lavatory components
  • Medical cart paneling and surrounds

Plastic Thermoformed Components – Advantages for Medical Diagnostics Components & Medical Devices

Plastic thermoforming provides an economical and attractive
solution for medical device and medical diagnostic components.
Thermoforming delivers parts rivaling injection molding and
structural foam molding at a fraction of the total project cost. In addition, industry formulated thermoplastic materials can meet the most stringent global safety standards. Utilizing materials in ABS and PVC that meet UL 94 V-0 flammability to brominates void of PVC content required for most standards. Combine these features with the incredible design flexibility of thermoplastic and the list of advantages is numerous.

  • Antiviral, antibacterial, and antimicrobial inherent surface materials
  • Modern and streamlined design capabilities
  • More cost effective than other materials such as fiberglass, metal, or laminates
  • Low cost tooling for large and multi part designs
  • High gloss finishes, branding, and numerous color options
  • Rugged and easy to clean surface material
  • Ideal for large and near seamless multi part assemblies
  • Can withstand harsh cleaners and chemicals
  • Large part capability at low cost (up to 10’ x 18’)
  • UL 94 V-0 compliant materials

Medical Device Manufacturing with Productive Plastics

Productive Plastics has been manufacturing custom
thermoformed components since 1955. Over 65 years of
perfecting expertise in pressure and vacuum forming, evolving
and streamlining constantly its processes. These efficient
manufacturing systems maximize the advantages of plastic
thermoforming and minimize the cost and production time.

  • Extensive experience with medical device industry formulated thermoplastic materials and suppliers
  • Highest quality and satisfaction commitment
  • Engineering and design support from initial concept to production
  • Painting and finishing operation in house
  • Fixture attachment and multi part assembly
  • Robotic CNC trimming for high tolerance and consistent quality
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Process conversion expertise (fiberglass, injection molding, metal

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