Medical Devices and Medical Diagnostics

Plastic Thermoforming for Medical Diagnostics Equipment, Medical Devices

Medical diagnostic / blood analysis machine, painted pressure formed components in this medical diagnostics plastic enclosuresPressure thermoforming has become the plastic production process of choice for many manufacturers of medical diagnostics equipment and medical devices. Plastic thermoformed parts are used as enclosures, housings or covers for the mechanical or electronic components in medical diagnostic equipment. Productive Plastics currently supplies component parts for leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of medical devices and diagnostics equipment such as:

  • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) diagnostic equipment
  • PET (position emission tomography) scanners
  • Blood analysis equipment
  • X-Ray equipment
  • Large medical devices and test equipment (not in-body devices)

Medical Thermoforming – Advantages for Medical Diagnostics Components & Medical Devices

Due to rapidly changing technology and the demand for high quality, large and multi-part aesthetic enclosures, pressure thermoforming provides an economical and attractive solution to producing such parts.

Pressure thermoforming delivers parts rivaling injection and structural foam molding at a fraction of the total project cost. Thermoforming offers low cost tooling for large and multiple part production applications as well as rapid design to shorten time-to-market lead times. In addition, Productive Plastics’ expert technical staff can provide guidance in component design, material selection and value added operations that reduce final production component cost.

Painted pressure formed components on blood analysis machine

Thermoformed Materials and Compliance

Medical equipment manufacturers are required to meet the most stringent global safety standards and pressure thermoforming provides materials and processes that fully comply. Utilizing materials in ABS and PVC that meet UL94-V0 flammability to brominates void of PVC content required for European standards, Productive Plastics provides the expertise and product knowledge to meet those challenges.

These medical diagnostics equipment companies have selected pressure thermoforming for plastic enclosures because of:

  • Low upfront tooling investment for multiple part assemblies
  • Competitive component cost for moderate (250 – 3000) annual volumes
  • Rapid product development
  • Design flexibility
  • Excellent product finished detail

Large pressure formed exterior components for PET scanner

Case Study – Medical Diagnostics

View this case study on the work Productive Plastics did with a leading manufacturer of medical diagnostic instrumentation and medical devices.


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