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Medical Device & Medical Diagnostics

Productive Plastics is a leading custom plastic thermoforming component supplier for the medical device industry. Plastic Thermoforming (Pressure and vacuum forming) has become the plastic production process of choice for many manufacturers of medical devices and medical diagnostics equipment. Plastic thermoformed parts are used as enclosures, housings, gantries, or covers for the mechanical or electronic components in medical device and diagnostic equipment and offer an unparalleled range of design and material options that will make a medical device stand out, not just aesthetically and in material performance, but in cost effectiveness as well.

Medical Device Common Thermoforming Applications

Plastic thermoformed medical device components are ideal for a wide variety of industry applications and Productive Plastics currently manufactures thermoplastic component parts for leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of medical devices and medical diagnostic equipment such as:
  • Device enclosures and and structural coverings
  • CT scanner components
  • MRI diagnostic components
  • PET scanner components
  • X-ray imaging components
  • Ultrasound imaging components
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Patient bed components
  • Monitoring equipment enclosures
  • Lavatory components
  • Medical cart paneling and surrounds

Plastic Thermoforming Advantages for Medical Device & Medical Diagnostic Components

Plastic thermoforming provides an economical and attractive solution for medical device and medical diagnostic components. Thermoforming delivers parts rivaling injection molding and structural foam molding at a fraction of the total project cost. In addition, industry formulated thermoplastic materials can meet the most stringent global safety standards. Utilizing materials in ABS and PVC that meet UL 94 V-0 flammability to brominates void of PVC content required for most standards. Combine these features with the incredible design flexibility of thermoplastic and the list of advantages is numerous.
  • Easy to Clean
    Antiviral, antibacterial, and antimicrobial inherent surface materials
  • Aesthetic Designs
    Modern and streamlined design capabilities and flexibility
  • Lower Cost
    More cost effective than other materials such as fiberglass, metal, or laminates
  • Large Parts at Low Cost
    Low upfront tooling investment for large and multi part designs
  • Class A Finishes
    High gloss (Class A) finishes, branding, and numerous color options
  • Strong and Impact Resistant
    Rugged material can withstand harsh cleaners, chemicals, and impacts
  • Large Part Capable
    Ideal process and very cost effective for parts as large as 96″ x 120″
  • Moderate Volumes
    Ideal process and competitive cost for EAU of 250-3000 parts
  • Industry Compliant Materials
    UL 94 V-0 and other common industry standard compliant materials
  • Multiple Part Enclosures
    Ideal for large and near seamless multi part enclosures and assemblies

Key Thermoforming Advantages for Medical Device

  • Large and Multi Part Enclosures

    Plastic thermoforming is typically a perfect match for medical device enclosures that require larger parts and/or multiple parts for their enclosure assemblies. The temperature controlled aluminum tooling and thermoforming machinery used in the process produces consistent and tight tolerance parts to within +/- .030",. This, combined with precisely bonded attachment hardware, can create nearly seamless multi part assemblies . Also, the process can be scaled, with relative ease, to produce large thermoformed parts, up to 96″ x 120″, at a fraction of the cost of other manufacturing processes.
  • Easy to Clean and Antimicrobial

    In today's challenging environment, keeping the surface and touch points of your medical device clean is more important than ever. Thermoplastic material suppliers have formulated material options for the medical device industry that are incorporated with antimicrobial protection and have a strong chemical resistance such as KYDEX® T MB, KYDEX® XD MB, and SIMOGUARD™. These materials are durable, microbial and stain resistant, and extremely easy to clean.
  • Plastic thermoformed medical device with class A surface finish and applied branding

    High Gloss (Class A) Surface Finish

    At Productive Plastics, our state-of-the-art in-house painting operation can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your medical device by applying a Class A high gloss finish or crisp branding accents through multi-tone masking and color matching. Making your product stand out and contribute to the friendly, clean, and calming atmosphere now standard in today’s medical facilities.

Thermoforming Medical Device Project - Siemens BIOGRAPH Vision

Productive Plastics has manufactured plastic thermoforming solutions for some of the top medical device manufacturers in the industry. One of the most remarkable medical device thermoforming projects our team has collaborated on is the Siemens BIOGRAPH Vision project.
  • 14 plastic thermoformed parts manufactured at Productive Plastics
  • Largest thermoformed part 72" x 47" x 29"
  • 70 brackets and assembly fixtures attached and bonded in house
  • PPG high gloss (90) finish applied in house
  • High level paint masking and branding applied in house

Virtually Interact With a Plastic Thermoformed Part From This Project

Siemens medical device enclosure pressure formed and other manufacturing solutions applied at Productive Plastics

Use your mouse or touch screen to interact with and rotate the pressure formed part below. Don't forget to click on the red hot spots to learn more about the unique thermoforming features of this part.

Medical Device Manufacturing with Productive Plastics

Productive Plastics has been manufacturing custom thermoformed components and project solutions since 1955. Over 65 years of expertise in pressure and vacuum forming, thermoforming design, tooling engineering, and surface finishing. Our team is constantly evolving and streamlining our processes and manufacturing systems to maximize the advantages of plastic thermoforming and minimize the cost and production time for your application.

Looking for more technical information?

Download the Thermoforming Design Guide, Process Comparisons, Conversion Guides, and other useful thermoforming information from our technical resource library.

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