Large Part Prototyping

48 x 48 inch large thermoformed part / large plastic part prototype

Large Parts Prototyping, Large Plastic Components Rapid Prototypes

In addition to supporting the OEM marketplace with production components, Productive Plastics, using plastics thermoforming and its large parts rapid prototyping expertise, can meet another critical market demand for large part prototypes.

Traditional rapid prototyping methods are limited in size by the equipment used to about 36″ x 36″. Additional parts beyond the first prototype are still very costly. Large part thermoforming can deliver large parts up to 96″ x 120″ and once the prototype tool is made, additional parts are much more cost effective than conventional methods of prototyping.

Productive Plastics can produce a large part prototype tool from supplied CAD files by machining a wood or synthetic resin in as little as 5 business days and finished parts within 10-15 days. Scribe lines are included in the tooling to be used as a guide for trimming, eliminating the need for costly CNC trim tools and fixtures, which further reduces the overall cost of large part rapid prototyping.

Large part prototyping for truck grill

Benefits of Large Part Rapid Thermoforming

Here are some compelling benefits to utilize Productive Plastics for large parts prototyping:

  • Molded in color, eliminating the need to paint the part
  • Accurate evaluation of form, fit and function of finished part
  • Part can be tested for design integrity without huge tooling investment
  • Delivers multiple parts at a fraction of the cost of conventional rapid prototyping
  • Make design changes quickly and cost effectively

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Large part prototyping process