Download our NEW Fiberglass vs Plastic Thermoforming Comparison and Conversion Guide

Download the NEW fiberglass vs plastic thermoforming comparison and conversion guide

Here are a few questions that we hear regularly at Productive Plastics regarding fiberglass and plastic thermoforming.

What is the difference between the fiberglass and plastic thermoforming manufacturing process?

How do plastic thermoformed parts compare to fiberglass molded parts?

What are the benefits and process of converting my part from fiberglass to thermoforming?

To answer these common questions and help you determine which process best meets the needs of your project, the team at Productive Plastics has put together a comparison and conversion guide for fiberglass vs plastic thermoforming. The guide is full of useful information from basic process overviews to technical comparison data on material and processing.

What you will find inside the guide:


  • Fiberglass and Plastic Thermoforming Process Overviews
  • Tooling and Process Comparisons
  • Weight Considerations
  • Cost, Material Properties, and other Considerations
  • Upgrading your Application to Plastic Thermoforming

Follow the link below to instantly download a PDF copy of the Fiberglass vs Plastic Thermoforming – Comparison and Conversion Guide



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