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Distortion Printing

Distortion Printing

Large Part Distortion Printing, Distortion Printing for Large Plastic Parts

Productive Plastics’ latest area of expertise involves the intricate process of large part distortion printing. Productive Plastics offers manufacturing, engineering and product design assistance based upon extensive thermoforming technical expertise and many years of plastics manufacturing experience with careful attention to detail and quality service in the area of large part distortion printing. With this matchless combination, Productive Plastics has become the leading plastics industry expert for distortion printing of large thermoformed plastic parts, including digital distortion printing and large format distortion printing.

Typical Applications for Large Part Distortion Printing

Distortion printing is the process of printing a distorted version of an image onto a sheet of plastic and systematically vacuum forming the sheet on a mold so that specific areas of the printed image appear in corresponding areas of the resulting three-dimensional large part. Productive Plastics utilizes the screen printed plastic sheets in conjunction with vacuum thermoforming expertise to create a molded part containing the proper image displayed on the final product. Precise computer software has provided increased speed, repeatability, and control to the overall process of distortion printing completed by Productive Plastics.

Why Use Distortion Printing for Large Plastic Parts?

Distortion printing provides numerous advantages in the quality and detail expected in a completed plastic part. Productive Plastics excels at providing such expert guidance and quality assurance regarding specialized needs in large plastic part distortion printing.

Here are some potential advantages that would make distortion printing a superior choice for a plastic part:

  • Improved branding and consumer awareness
  • Design innovation
  • Increased speed-to-market product development
  • Automated and accurate distortion process eliminates cost and risks related to previous trial-and-error processes
  • Large part distortion printing is cutting-edge for the thermoforming industry
  • Elimination of material and assembly costs for secondary parts used for decoration purposes
  • Pre-decorating capabilities of distortion printing vastly increases design envelope for design engineers

Large Part Distortion Printing Technology

The technology that allows for the successful execution of large part distortion printing is established in the collaboration between Productive Plastics’ precise thermoforming expertise and the advanced computer software technology provided by Raytek Corporation that helps to complete the process seamlessly.

Raytek Corporation worked with Productive Plastics to provide computer software which allows for non-contact temperature monitoring during the large part distortion printing process through the use of infrared sensors. It was with Raytek Corporation’s advanced software that repeatability and control became foundational to the process of large part distortion printing.

This collaboration also works with computerized distortion technology companies, such as those provided by the distortion printing industry experts at Distortion Arts. The computerized distortion technology is only as skilled as its thermoforming company. The matchless expertise rooted within Productive Plastics’ many years of experience in the plastics industry makes Productive Plastics the clear choice when considering your large part distortion printing needs.

Distortion Arts’ John Davidson comments on recent work for a kiosk project:

“The kiosk fascia production required thermoforming of intricate graphic distortion print on a complex tool to achieve close-tolerance registration. Forming precision to this degree on a large-format rotary press is a remarkable accomplishment by Productive Plastics and a tribute to refined and systematic control of multiple processes.”

Large Part Distortion Printing Video

Productive Plastics Large Part Distortion Printing Capabilities

  • Parts produced in clear and opaque materials
  • Part size up to 84.00 x 108.00 inches
  • Deep drawn parts with complex shapes
  • Digital distortion printing
  • Large format distortion printing

Materials Commonly Used in Large Part Distortion Printing

  • Clear materials include acrylic, polycarbonate and PETG
  • ABS
  • ABS/PVC alloys
  • PVC/Acrylic alloys

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