Custom Thermoforming

Custom thermoforming used to manufacture roof enclosure for kiosk

Custom Thermoforming, Custom Plastic Forming

Productive Plastics’ core competency in custom thermoforming is established in its work with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) – producing custom plastic components for a myriad of industries. Custom plastic forming is a production process that heats a two-dimensional rigid thermoplastic sheet and by way of vacuum and/or pressure, forms that sheet into a three-dimensional shape.

Custom plastic forming provides design flexibility to OEMs to create intricate enclosure designs on products that traditionally may have required injection molding with its high tooling cost.

To meet the extensive range of large plastic parts required by a wide variety of industries, Productive Plastics offers custom vacuum forming, custom pressure forming, twin sheet forming, and large part prototyping along with engineering and design, assembly, reverse engineering and material selection services. Productive Plastics is ISO 9001:2015 certified. It is with ceaseless dedication to quality production, as well as expert guidance and exceptional customer service, that Productive Plastics has developed a reputation in the plastic industry as an unparalleled custom thermoforming contract manufacturer.

Productive Plastics is a leading thermoforming manufacturer specializing in heavy gauge thermoforming contract manufacturing. Productive Plastics provides custom plastic thermoforming services from prototype to production. Productive Plastics is ISO 9001:2015 certified, with many years of heavy gauge thermoforming experience and extensive technical expertise across a wide variety of industries and applications.

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Custom Pressure Thermoforming

Pressure thermoformed parts replace injection and structural foam molded parts in moderate volume (250 – 3000 annually) and provide a wide range of colors and textures. Not all pressure forming is created equal – Productive Plastics produces pressure formed parts that rival the aesthetics of injection molding and structural foam molding. When designed properly, pressure forming delivers parts with:

  • Sharp radii
  • Undercut details delivering superior fit up to matching components
  • Uniform wall thickness that is virtually the same as more expensive injected processes

Custom thermoforming used to manufacture medical enclosure outer boreIn addition, utilizing textured tools with pressure assisted forming can eliminate the requirement of secondary paint finishes.

Productive Plastics currently uses pressure forming to make machine enclosures and equipment enclosures such as medical equipment (blood analysis, nuclear imaging, x-ray diagnostic equipment), industrial applications (lift trucks, scientific instrumentation, truck/bus/railcar interior trim parts), retail (kiosks and point-of-purchase displays), and recreation equipment (snowmobiles, ATVs, jet skis).

Custom Vacuum Thermoforming

Vacuum thermoformed parts are used to replace fabricated sheet metal components with complex shapes requiring excessive welding, grinding and finishing operations. Custom vacuum thermoformed parts compete very favorably against FRP (fiber-reinforced plastics) and RTM (resin transfer molded) parts in moderate (250 – 3000) annual production volumes.

Productive Plastics currently uses vacuum forming to make plastic components such as lift truck enclosures, enclosures for medical diagnostic equipment, railcar interior trim parts and seating components, engine covers for construction equipment, and fascias for outdoor kiosks and ATM applications.

Custom Twin Sheet Thermoforming

Twin sheet thermoformed parts can have formed features and exhibit high strength and stiffness with low weight. Depending on the part and its use, twin sheet thermoforming may have advantages over other methods of thermoforming and other plastics manufacturing processes. This is where Productive Plastics engineers and technicians excel at providing expert guidance in selecting twin sheet forming where appropriate.

Productive Plastics currently uses twin sheet plastic forming to make industrial component parts such as enclosure panels for medical, printing and electronic equipment, and exterior parts in heavy truck and bus applications. Other items that are thermoformed using the twin sheet plastic forming process are air ducts, truck bed liners, portable toilets, carrying cases, double-walled floors, fuel tanks, electrical enclosures, vending machine chutes, ATV parts, pallets and other transportation applications.

Terminology Note

Productive Plastics and the plastics industry typically use the terms “thermoforming” and “forming” interchangeably. So plastic thermoforming is the same as plastic forming.

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