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Case Study: PET CT Scanner – Custom Plastic Thermoforming Enclosure Solutions for the Medical Diagnostic Industry

CT Scanner photo

CT Scanner

Productive Plastics releases a new case study on a complex medical device enclosure manufactured by Productive Plastics – a PET CT Scanner. A prime example of the advantages of plastic thermoforming is demonstrated in a enclosure project in which Productive Plastics manufactures and assembles plastic thermoformed and pressure formed enclosure parts for a PET CT Scanner being produced by a major medical diagnostic equipment manufacturer.

This project not only showcases advantages of thermoforming, but also highlights the expertise, quality, and comprehensive manufacturing capabilities of Productive Plastics. This enclosure project was awarded the two top honors at the 2011 Society of Plastic’s Engineers Thermoforming Parts Competition. View SPE past winners.

Project Details:

CT Scanner Exploded View

CT Scanner Exploded View

  • Comprised of 10 pressure-formed components, utilizing Kydex T (PVC/Acrylic)
  • Part sizes as large as 8 feet in diameter
  • Complex parts requiring tight tolerances, under-cut details, and hidden trim surfaces
  • Value added/secondary assembly of sheet metal brackets, bonded components, and finishing
  • CNC tooling, bonding, and assembly fixtures developed in house
  • Detailed exterior finishing and painting (applied in house)

Whether designing a new application or converting from a higher cost process, Productive Plastics has the experience and expertise to make a project successful. Contact Productive Plastics for more information.