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How Thermoforming Can Enhance Your Product’s Brand and Look

In a world where customers demand performance and look, your product design needs to not only function flawlessly, but also be aesthetically pleasing and representative of your brand. In industries such as rail, transportation, kiosk, and medical device, the outer covering or casing of your product is often the only part your customer interacts with and therefore is paramount to how your product is perceived.

Look at the recent actions of many iconic corporations to see how product design impacts business. Companies such as Apple, PepsiCo, Philips, and Hyundai have all recently appointed Chief Design Officers to their boards (view article).

So, how can thermoforming help enhance my product’s look, design, and brand?

The thermoforming process offers some unique design capabilities and complex design solutions at competitive costs. Color options via painted or tinted plastic, high gloss surface finishing, complex shape geometry, surface texturing, distortion printing, and design continuity over multiple part assemblies are just a few of the enhancements available with heavy gauge thermoforming that can be costly or even unattainable with other manufacturing processes.

Look for more content in the coming months as we explore how thermoforming can enhance your product’s brand and look.


Evan Gilham - Productive Plastics COO

Evan Gilham | Productive Plastics Chief Operating Officer

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