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Multiple Part Projects, Assembly, and Attachments

Value Added Assembly for Products with Thermoformed Plastics Components

At Productive Plastics, many of the thermoformed plastic parts that we manufacture for our customers are not stand alone pieces, but components of an assembly or multi-part enclosure. Like a puzzle, these individual parts must be manufactured to fit together with precision and uniformity to successfully create the finished product.

Assembly services at Productive Plastics can move projects quickly from thermoformed plastic components to a finished build or product. This can involve adding attachment hardware, machined or fabricated metal and plastic parts, and electronics to thermoformed parts to create the final product or a major sub-assembly. Multiple vacuum thermoformed parts can be bonded to create a single assembly, or outsourced sheet metal and/or machined plastic parts are added to provide upper level assemblies.

Productive Plastics offers assembly as a value added service. This enables our customers to reduce finished product production time, consolidate their supply chain, and get the product to market faster. Eliminating the need and cost to coordinate multiple suppliers.

Assembly Services offered by Productive Plastics

  • Join multiple thermoformed plastic parts using solvent or structural adhesive bonding
  • Add hardware to thermoformed parts that have holes or openings
  • Integrate injection molded parts onto thermoformed parts to create a complete assembly
  • Add machined or fabricated components (metal, plastic, etc.) to thermoformed parts
  • Use adhesives to add hardware or other parts to the thermoformed parts
  • Add your electronic components to the thermoformed parts
  • Create sub assemblies or complete assembly of finished goods

Benefits of Using Productive Plastics Fabrication and Assembly Services

  • Faster time to market
  • Multiple thermoformed parts assembled with near seamless gaps in final product construction
  • Fewer suppliers to deal with since Productive Plastics is doing the sourcing
  • Fewer part numbers
  • Lower overall cost of components
  • Outsourced assembly results in less internal production complexity

Typical Industries for Assembly and Custom Plastic Fabrication Services

Some industries that have used Productive Plastics’ fabrication and assembly services:

Thermoforming for Multi-Part Assemblies
[Webinar Recording]

Watch our 45 minute webinar, with guest presenter Robert Browning from McConnell Co, to learn about the capabilities of plastic thermoforming and how this process can address many of the common challenges for multiple part assembly projects. Discover key design, material, and process considerations to maximize your project's tolerance, aesthetic, and cost goals.

Looking for more technical information?

Download the Thermoforming Design Guide, Process Comparisons, Conversion Guides, and other useful thermoforming information from our technical resource library.

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