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Productive Plastics
Your Trusted Partner in Thermoformed Solutions
Since 1955

Since our thermoforming company was founded in 1955, Productive Plastics has worked in a close and proactive partnership with our customers to provide them with the best possible plastic thermoforming solutions for the specific needs of their projects and products.
As a solutions driven plastic thermoforming company, Productive Plastics offers custom heavy gauge thermoformed plastic components and assemblies through processes such as pressure thermoforming and vacuum thermoforming. Throughout our history, Productive Plastics has always taken rapid notice of advances in plastics and manufacturing technologies. Adopting innovations and process improvements as quickly as possible, in order to afford our customers the finest quality, the most responsive services and maximum cost-efficiency.
Constant innovation as a plastic thermoforming company is what we’re all about. At the onset, we were experts in pattern making for heavy gauge thermoforming, primarily for foundry and fiberglass applications. By the middle of the 1970s we were able to see, with stunning clarity, the future of plastic and its overall impact on manufacturing. As a result, we utilized our in-house tooling expertise and transitioned our focus to thermoforming. As market opportunities grew, we were perfectly positioned to make the most of them – by giving customers precisely what they need. Critical to it all was our strong and diverse capability in thermoforming as well as a solid understanding of how the advantages of thermoplastic and close tolerance applications were indeed the future of industries such as medical device, electronic enclosures, transportation interior and exterior components, and many others.
Plastic Thermoformed Medical Device Enclosure Productive Plastics
In the 1980s, Productive Plastics became an early leader in pressure thermoforming. In the process we were able to provide our customers with these major advantages:

- Better product aesthetics
- More complex designs
- Lower up front tooling costs
- Rapid product development
- Rugged and industry compliant material options - Large part capability at low cost

1985 saw the advent of programmable, CNC routing and, true to our tradition of innovation, Productive Plastics geared up for use of a multi axis manufacturing process, one which enabled these significant advantages: greater accuracy and repeated secondary operations.
By the 1990s, plastics processing and associated technologies had advanced exponentially, and Productive Plastics joined right in. In minimal time, we incorporated and adapted a number of major innovations into our prototype development process. Our arsenal of tools now includes engineered materials, exacting controls, rapid prototype development and CAD/CAM applications.
As a result of these advanced technologies, the process of “Art to Part” was streamlined significantly – so much so that our time to market was slashed almost in half!

Productive Plastics Today – An Industry Leading Thermoforming Company

Today, with more than a half century of plastic thermoforming and manufacturing expertise behind us, our services and focus has evolved further. Maintaining our commitment to high quality precise part manufacturing, while adding in house operations for part surface finishing & branding, and fixture, attachment point & value added assembly. We strive to be a trusted advisor throughout the entire product development process from prototype design through the final delivery of your thermoformed components or assembly. Our highly skilled engineers, manufacturing technicians, and support staff will work with your team to develop and select the right design, material, and process for your industry and unique project needs. Maximizing the advantages of plastic thermoforming and minimizing the cost and production time for your product.
Robotic thermoplastic part trimming at Productive Plastics

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