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Additive Manufacturing Advancing Custom Thermoforming at Productive Plastics

Productive Plastics featured on formlabs’s blog – 3D printed innovations for thermoforming

Productive Plastics was honored to be featured on the formlabs industry blog on January 12th, Problem Solving on the Factory Floor: Manufacturing Aids at Productive Plastics. The article highlights some of the tech and innovations we employ on the manufacturing floor, in particular, our utilization of in-house 3D printed manufacturing accessories to increase process efficiency, reduce lead times, and  maximize the benefits of manufacturing parts and enclosures with plastic thermoforming. All part of our commitment to provide our customers with the highest quality and most cost-effective custom thermoforming solutions in the industry.

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Download the Thermoforming Design Guide, Process Comparisons, Conversion Guides, and other useful thermoforming information from our technical resource library.

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