Upgrades at Productive Plastic Enhance Plastic Thermoforming Solutions for Your Project

Your Project's Success is our Goal with Plastic Thermoforming

Productive Plastics has been around for 62 years. In over six decades of heavy gauge plastic thermoforming, one of the many lessons we’ve learned is that helping a customer’s project achieve success means a commitment to the constant evolution of every facet of our business. It’s one of our core values.

This year we invested in numerous upgrades. We expanded our resources, expertise, technology, and machinery, all designed to move us further down our technology roadmap as we implement industry 4.0 solutions and capabilities. And we continue to bring you dynamic and comprehensive heavy gauge plastic thermoforming solutions of the highest quality.

Investments at Productive Plastics This Year:

  • More engineering expertise in-house
    • The engineering team grew by 75% this year to provide our customers with top tier technical support, aid in implementing emerging plastic thermoforming innovations, and expand the scope of our value-added services. Welcome to our newest members who joined the engineering team.
      • Bob Cardona – Engineering Manager
        • Engineering team leadership and coordinating implementation of new technologies
      • Don Stiger – Applications Engineer
        • Providing plastic thermoforming engineering support to customers for new projects and part conversions
      • Dan Govender – Applications Engineer
        • Providing plastic thermoforming engineering support to customers for new projects and part conversions
      • Skip Grant – Manufacturing Engineer
        • Overseeing advances in process improvements
      • Bryan Alicea – Engineering Intern
        • Supporting the engineering team and customer on thermoforming applications

Left to right: Bryan Alicea, Don Stiger, Skip Grant, Dan Govender, Bob Cardona


  • Additional Sales Support

    John Zerillo

    Yordano Alicea

    • Yordano Alicea has joined John Zerillo, Principal and VP of Sales, in the field as our newest Sales Account Manager. He adds yet another expert resource available to support customers through every step of the product development cycle.
  • New Technology, Machinery, and Process Upgrades on the Manufacturing Floor
    • 4′ x 6′ Advanced Single Station Pressure Forming Machine
      • Advanced controller and sensor system for increased process control
      • Advanced ovens for better consistency in forming
    • 4’ x 6’ Advanced Rotary Pressure Forming Machine
      • Rapid setup time capable
      • Processes plastic material more efficiently
      • Advanced controller and sensor system for increased process control
    • 6 Axis Robotic Arm Cell
      • Automates cell setup for faster operation
      • Removes human errors
  • Process Refinements to In-Facility Painting Operation – Productive Industrial Finishing
  • What are the Benefits for Your Project?
    • Higher Quality and Consistent Parts (tolerances, color, mating points, etc. – whether it’s 2 parts or 2,000)
    • Faster Lead Times
    • Stronger Value at Competitive Investment
    • Comprehensive Solutions
    • A More Flexible and Dynamic Supplier

This year was about laying the foundations for taking our manufacturing processes and value-added capabilities to the next level, to Industry 4.0 and beyond. New machinery, more automation, moving critical processes in-house, advances in technology, and expanded expertise were all added this year to increase our ability to contribute to your project’s success.

We invite you to contact us and schedule a time to tour our facility. We would like the opportunity to show you just how we can contribute to your project’s success and how we can provide much more than a high quality plastic part.

Please contact Productive Plastics for more information on the thermoforming process



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