Is it time to convert your product to plastic thermoforming?

One of the most common inquiries we receive at Productive Plastics is customers considering plastic thermoforming as an alternative to their current product’s material and manufacturing process.

Is it time to convert to plastic thermoforming

Conversion to plastic thermoforming motivations range from quality and lead time issues with the current manufacturing process to material performance requirements and cost considerations. Just to name a few.

The chances are that if your product is currently utilizing fiberglass or metal for a an application in the medical device, transportation, kiosk, or industrial market, that you are missing out on the performance, aesthetic, weight, and potential cost savings advantages attainable by transitioning to plastic thermoforming.

Continue to check our company blog (Productive Ideas), LinkedIn page, or your inbox over the coming months for information and comparisons on the fiberglass and metal to plastic thermoforming conversion processes.


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