Productive Plastics Presenting at IDSA Medical Design Conference 2015

Productive Plastics presenting IDSA blog ver

Productive Plastics is pleased to host and present at the IDSA Medical Design Conference breakfast event this year.

Product Development Collaboration: A Design for Success

Will you be at this year’s conference? If so, please join Productive Plastics Principal and VP of Sales, John Zerillo, for breakfast as he explores the importance and benefits of product development collaboration between OEM, Design, and Manufacturing resources. John will discuss and present case studies on how faster time to market, fewer development pitfalls, and seamless design to finished product compatibility are all achievable outcomes resulting from collaborative efforts that begin in the early design stages of a project.

Productive Plastics Breakfast and Seminar

IDSA 2015 Medical Design Conference

Thursday, October 22nd

8:00– 8:45am

Dining Room

Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (CAMLS)

Seating is limited



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