The Right Tooling for the Right Plastic Thermoformed Part

If you have ever worked in the construction industry, turned a wrench under the hood of your car, or tackled a DIY project around the house,  you know that having the right tool for the job can save you a great deal of time and grief and also be the key to getting the professional results you were expecting. Well, as it turns out, the same truth applies to thermoformed plastic parts.

right tool2

This quarter, our Productive Ideas blog will focus on why tooling is such an important and often overlooked piece of the equation for creating a top notch thermoformed component. Whether it is a window mask, medical device enclosure, or kiosk assembly, the right tool can make all the difference. We will explore some of the features of modern day tooling and how they can benefit you, the cost of improper tooling, and more in the months to come.

I invite you to reach out to any member of the team at Productive Plastics, myself included, with questions or comments on tooling or any other part of the heavy gauge thermoforming process. Our commitment is to provide you with solutions to make your next project a success.


Evan Gilham - Productive Plastics COO

Evan Gilham | Productive Plastics COO

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