Productive Plastics Releases New Thermoforming Design Guide for Download

Heavy Gauge Plastic – Pressure and Vacuum- Thermoforming Process and Design Guide


Productive Plastics is proud to release for download our new Heavy Gauge Plastic Thermoforming Process and Design Guide for Pressure and Vacuum forming applications. This guide was developed to provide thermoforming design and process information that is valuable not only to design engineers, but every member of your project’s team.

Thermoforming Design Guide


What Design Considerations and Plastic Thermoforming Advantages are Essential to the Success of your Next Project?


Thermoforming Process and Design Guide contains:

  • Details of Heavy Gauge Plastic Vacuum and Pressure Thermoforming processes (with links to process videos)
  • Guidelines for determining if Heavy Gauge Plastic Thermoforming is the right process for your application
  • Advantages and limitations of Heavy Gauge Plastic thermoformed components and parts
  • Forming Tolerances and tooling specifications
  • Design, technical, and cost considerations
  • Basics of material selection
  • Considerations for choosing the right thermoforming company

Please visit our download page and fill out the form to instantly receive a PDF copy of the Design Guide. We hope that you find the guide informative and helpful.

Download our Design Guide

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