Plastic Thermoforming vs. Fiberglass – Is it Time to Convert?

Do your projects contain fiberglass reinforced components? If they do, it may be time to give serious consideration to the viable and more cost effective alternative of thermoformed plastic.

In today’s competitive market, lower cost, faster production, and environmentally friendly processes are increasingly important contributing factors to the overall success of your project or product.

In this environment, many companies are searching for creative ways to stay competitive.  Replacing materials, such as fiberglass, with more versatile alternatives and streamlined manufacturing processes is one avenue available to companies looking to maintain their edge.

With few exceptions, most fiberglass parts can be replaced by thermoformed plastic parts. The longer production times and higher cost of fiberglass production can be converted to the shorter lead times and lower tooling cost of the heavy gauge thermoformed plastic process. At Productive Plastics, our modern lean manufacturing processes allow us to produce a plastic part at nearly half the time it takes a similar fiberglass component to be produced.

Additional benefits of upgrading to thermoformed plastics from fiberglass include:

  • Improved branding and finishing potential
  • Substantial reduction in component weight
  • Less environmental impact with recyclable plastic
  • Similar or greater structural properties
  • Easier integration of electrical components
  • Increased durability and impact strength

Bumper and light assembly replaced with plastic thermoforming

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Recent example of an industry component converted to thermoformed plastic:

The manufacturer of this truck opted for the more durable and impact resistant thermoformed  plastic material over fiberglass when they redesigned their rear fender and light assembly.

Thermoformed plastic parts are not just a practical alternative  for fiberglass, but for other materials and processes such as sheet metal, foam molding, injection molding, and many others. Learn more.

At Productive Plastics, our design team and engineers specialize in adapting your existing projects or new initiatives into high quality plastic components that exceed expectations on even the most challenging projects.

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