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Productive Plastics, Inc. (PPI) is pleased to present its inaugural issue of Pressure Points, a regular edition of the latest technology trends, advancements and solutions that PPI has provided its customers through custom thermoformed enclosures.

Custom Formed Outer Bore

Value-Added Solutions

Our customers have come to rely on PPI to provide value-added operations to minimize their supply base and deliver upper-level, assembled components.  PPI has established supply relationships with local sub-contractors who provide quality parts in a timely manner at competitive costs.

Along with our team of sub-contractors, PPI can integrate sheet metal, electronic, machined, and injection molded components into enclosures to deliver assemblies.  All this to reduce your total product cost.

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Kiosk Fascia

PPI Penetrates Self-Service Kiosk Market

The rapidly and ever-changing world of self-service kiosks requires short design-to-part lead times. PPI’s responsive culture delivered the front fascia shown from CAD design to first article parts in five weeks.

Ideal for production quantities ranging from 300 to 3,000 the pressure forming process provides the perfect OEM solution for enclosures that exceed injection molding aesthetics.

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We trust that our Pressure Points technical bulletins will continue to provide valuable information to the OEM marketplace, as well as to our current and future customers.

We value your feedback and desire to provide a quality solution to your next plastic enclosure design.

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John Zerillo

Productive Plastics, Inc.

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