Productive Plastics, Inc. Thermoforms a Revolution with Expansion of Manufacturing Processes

Corporate synergy is what PPI believes will fuel its growth and provide cost efficient solutions to our marketplace.  We are pleased to announce two new divisions to our organization.  These divisions include Sensigraphics, Inc. (SI), a provider of membrane, touch and custom panel switch assemblies, along with Productive Industrial Finishes, an experienced finisher of plastic and metal components.

Reduce Total Product Cost (Visual)

Benefits of Synergistic Processes

A majority of the enclosures that PPI produces incorporate a user interface and require secondary paint finishes.  By bringing together these technologies, PPI is confident that we will provide the lowest total product cost, reduce product lead time, and ensure control of the finished product’s quality.

Interactive Switch Assemblies: Sensigraphics, Inc.

Sensigraphics, Inc. Logo

Whether membrane, touch screen or control panel assemblies, SI strives to meet your interactive switch needs, utilizing either our domestic facility or offshore partners. SI engineers bring over 30 years of design and production experience to the industry.
Specializing in low to medium production runs, SI meets requirements from fully functional prototypes to complete production requirements, as quickly as one to four weeks.  As a solutions-based provider,SI will strive to deliver responsive service and cost efficient solutions, while exceeding your quality expectations

Plastic and Metal Finishing: Productive Industrial Finishes

Part with Painted Finishing

Our newest addition, Productive Industrial Finishes,allows PPI to control the cost, delivery and quality of all enclosures requiring secondary painting and finishing. Our knowledgable technicians’ have experience with Sherwin-Williams Polane, Valspar, and Trimite paint systems. We are also experienced with RFI/EMI shielding requirements.

From initial inspection of substrate through final texture coat, we create a comprehensive finishing system that combines the best technology with a people-oriented focus on productivity, quality and sustainability.  We are also keenly aware of our responsibilties to protecting the environment, and therefore utilize high solids and water-based products in our product finishing applications. (Photo depicts painted 14-part medical device assembly with intricate masking.)

We trust that our Pressure Points technical bulletins will continue to provide valuable information to the OEM marketplace, as well as both our current and future customers.

We value your feedback and desire to provide a quality solution to your next enclosure, switch, or product finishing application.

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John Zerillo
Productive Plastics, Inc.
Sensigraphics, Inc.

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